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What is Mods vs. Rockers?

Gangs of mods and rockers fighting in 1964 sparked a moral panic about British youths, and the two groups were seen as folk devils. The rockers adopted a macho biker gang image, wearing clothes such as black leather jackets. The mods adopted a pose of scooter-driving sophistication, wearing suits and other clean-cut outfits. By late 1966, the two subcultures had faded until a revival in the mid 80’s.

Nowadays, this time period is celebrated with an event that features a vintage motorcycle and scooter show. Along with a myriad of vendors, highlights include a pinup girl contest -- period dress encouraged -- and a day full of music from bands, a DJ spinning Northern soul, ska and reggae, and raffles.

How much does it cost?

Interested in being a vendor? Spots start at $50 for a 12' space. More information can be found on the Vendors page.

Interested in entering with a bike? Tickets cost only $10.

Want to enter without a bike? Spectator tickets are only $5.

All tickets include entry to the car show as well!

What's with the name change?

In an attempt to be more authentic, we found that Mods vs Rockers was the more accepted name for our event. So to honor the past, we are changing our name to better represent what these kind of events are all about.

This sounds awesome! How do I become a sponsor?

Drop an email to, and she'll load you up with tons of information.

This sounds awesome! How do I become a volunteer?

Drop an email to, and she'll make you jump through the necessary hoops.

How did you guys get started?